Shadab Nawaz

Shadab Nawaz

Founder & CEO

Born in 2002, cuddled with love and patted with pride, Magicsolv is an organization that is nurtured with a great care and passion by no one other than Shadab Nawaz. He is a person who is fascinated by the digital age technologies and wishes to bring together a revolution that will shine for the years. His intensive experience in the field of IT makes him the leader of the pack. His duties involve recognizing and developing the in-house talent and bring onboard the projects from different clients.

  • Meerut, India
  • +91 9837274056

Personal Statement

Tech Geek, professional and explorer, defines me the best. I am extremely passionate about new technologies, blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. People call me a great communicator and listener. I have a keen desire to explore the unknown facets of life. My passion is to change the kaleidoscope of the internet with my experience and set of skills.

Personal Skill

Web Design

Web Development

Mobile App








Recognitions Award

M.Sc (Computer Science) 2002

Sun Certified Java Programmer 2006

IELTS 2011

Certified Google Adwords Consultant 2014