Ankit Sood

Ankit Sood

Project Manager - Web Design & Development

It is said, “When the collection of brilliant mind, hearts and talents come together…expect a masterpiece.” No wonder, we can call Magicsolv a masterpiece with lots of talented people culminated within it. Ankit Sood is a pearl among them. His expertise in the field of web technologies and languages, make him master of the trade. With over 11 years of experience in this field, we can proudly that he is a genius that is scarcely met.

  • C-213, 2nd Floor, Metro Plaza
  • +91 121 4303161

Personal Statement

MCA by profession, I have mastered the art of web technologies and languages. I believe that technology is more of an art rather than science. Though I am in this field for last 11 years, but still I call myself as a learner. I believe that there are still many things left to be explored in this field by me.

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Web Design

Web Develop





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