Branding & Identity

Have you wondered what makes the brand tick? Well, a strong feeling that connects the user with the brand. Brands invest a lot of time to get the results. Investments are not in the terms of money but patience as well. Due to this today the millennials and centennials don’t have the same kind of brand loyalty as compared to the last 15-20 years. The best examples are Kodak, Nokia, Motorola; all these big brands of 1990’s have disappeared. No business want its brand to disappear, isn’t? Moreover, to build a brand identity needs a long-term strategy and business plans. It is the responsibility of the business leader to imagine how brands may react under the pressure. We at Magicsolv, try to recreate the lost brand identity by offering a consumer focused strategy.

Brand Management Services
At Magicsolv, we believe that branding is not limited to the designing logo are adding a punch line that creates ripples in the mind of customers. It is much more than that. With our brand management services we make your business shine.

Creating a brand identity with our graphic design and content writing services- The look and the feel of the website matter the most for the brands. Hence, our language experts and professional graphic designers make the best efforts to communicate the brand value to the outside customers with the complete consistency. We give brands a new look so that they don’t lag behind in the competition.

Brand promotion strategies- At Magicsolv, we have a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who formulate an effective plan for your business. Before promoting any brand, we understand the need of the customer- whether they want to generate more traffic or leads, whether they want to target the new customer or whether they want to increase ROI of their business.

Our brand promotion strategy also includes social media strategy to improve your business. Our social media experts work in close connection with the content writers and graphic designers to create engaging and informative posts. Our strengths lie in offering a library of images, icons and design templates to the customers.

Monitoring the Brand- We not only believe in promoting the brand actively but also monitor it to achieve better results.
With our proven research and skills, our experts have potential to give your brand a new definition. Talk to us about how to take the business to the next level!

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