Alibaba Marketplace Solutions

Do you want to expand your stagnated local business but have no idea to globalize the operations or are you are struggling to grow a new business? Well, the online marketplace Alibaba offers the solution. Alibaba is unique platform that lends a unique identity to the small scale and medium scale business around the world. The platform serves more than 18 million buyers and sellers across more than 240 countries and regions, showcasing the products starting from the raw material to finished goods in more than 40 industries categories. Alibaba doesn’t sell the products; rather it offers a platform that connects the dots of B2B buyers and sellers.

How Magicsolv can improve your brand identity?
The major challenge for a customer is uploading accurate and up-to-date product data and this can play a major role in converting visitors into the buyers. But have you ever wondered how to prepare it successfully to ensure that it gets high visible search results and maximize your Alibaba sales. Well, at Magicslov, we offer solution and different features to help merchants optimize the listings. With our promising Alibaba solutions, we help you to

  • Professional Alibaba Front Shop Design
  • Seamlessly products listing on Alibaba
  • Manage the product categories and attribute
  • Integrate Alibaba solutions with back end suppliers
  • Allocate the inventory in a right way to minimize risk of overselling

Future proof your Alibaba investment with us because
To meet these challenges and to remain competitive, you should select us. With our range of robust and cost-effective services, we can help you to manage a control over your data and with us you can standardize and reconcile the data in a single format.

Our ability to keep in pace with the changing demands of the products listings of Alibaba make us the leader of the pack.

Simplify your business and convert your visitors into buyers or increase the customer satisfaction, by calling us on. With us you can leverage Alibaba marketplace and your products can become global within a minimum time frame.

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