What we’re looking for

Magicsolv is ever-growing, unconventional, passion driven company. We are in a search for like-minded professionals to join out at our corporate office in Meerut. Being a leading web development company, Magicsolv offers a wide range of opportunities for graphic designers, content writers, app developers, digital marketers, editors, videographers, and a lot more. Here, we pay a lot of attention to our personnel and their growth. Every day is a new day at Magicsolv.

We work on a wide range of projects covering different subjects from travel to insurance. The place is fit for individuals who want to explore the opportunities. Join us to pursue a progressive career.

Opportunities discussed through the ranks
If you are passionate about what you do and have a zeal to work hard than others, you will be rewarded monetary. Talent and ability to think outside the box will help you to get upgrade in the position.

Any specific qualification or expertise
It depends upon the kind of profile you are looking at. We welcome fresher’s and give them the opportunity to grow and learn. At Magicsolv, what matters the most is passion, fresh perspective and ability to contribute towards the organization success. If you have all these ingredients poured into you, Magicsolv is for you!

Current Opportunities
We believe workplace is not just a playground where people sit on their respective desktop to compete with each other; rather it is a home to learn, get together, work and play. Our employees reflect it. For current career opportunities, send us your resume along with the cover letter.

Do let us know if you have any prior work experience. We are looking forward for individuals who wish to push the boundaries, if you are the one, what you are waiting for send your CV to hr[AT]magicsolv.com